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Double Your Sales with a 100% Done-For-You ‘Customer-Grabbing’ Video For Your Business (even if you’re camera-shy!)

Shine a Spotlight on Your Business:

Get A Super Slick, Professional Video Showcasing Your Business To Help You Get More Enquiries, Customers And Clients...
...All For Just £1,499 £699!

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Order Your Video Now
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Spotlight Videos by the Numbers:

Length of Time on Your Website


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Direct Boost To Your Sales

What is a Small Business Spotlight Video?

In short, it’s the easiest, fastest and best way to get a world-class video about your business that will help you get more customers, look more professional and stand out from the competition.

Featuring our unique ‘reporter style’ delivery and based on over a decade of experience working with tens of thousands of small businesses, your Spotlight Video will showcase your business to potential customers and help show them:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • And why they should become a customer

Everything you need them to know, in a professionally shot, expertly edited and highly engaging 3-4 minute video.

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We Follow
A Proven Formula...

We know what works. So that’s what we do!

3-4 Minutes
We've tested it and it’s the optimum length for your video. People don’t have the attention span nowadays
for any longer!

Interview Style
Un-natural script reading is a nightmare. Instead, we ask you questions and just record your answers.
Easy and simple.

Showcase Footage
The best videos showcase how you
do what you do including footage of
you and your team at work, doing
what they do best.

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Get A Feel And See For Yourself!
Check out these Spotlight Videos we’ve created for small businesses just like yours...

Rally School



B&B Accomodation

Magazine Printers


Dog Groomers



Conservatory Improvements

Waxing Salon

Bike Shop

Sam Anderson OFEX

'Lovely Laura' visited us here the day before yesterday to film me, the team and the premises. She was absolutely fantastic. She put us all at ease and was friendly, professional and made the whole experience completely pain free, even fun! I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Freddie Rayner

Having just had a Spotlight Video shoot for my company, it injected vitality, professionalism and a sense of fun. i love it! thoroughly recommended!

How it Works:

Getting your own Small Business Spotlight Video is simple.
And we do all the work!

Our reporters will do some research on your business and plan the shoot so when they arrive on the day it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 for you and your team.

They’ll take some footage of your business, ask you some questions, film the answers and then take that footage and edit it into a full Spotlight Video.

From 'shoot day' to finished video typically takes less than a fortnight!

When would your Spotlight Video be completed?

Most Spotlight Videos take just a few weeks from ordering to completion - but certain factors, including geography, can affect how long your video will take.

Based on our current capacity we expect that a Spotlight Video ordered today could be filmed, edited and sent back to you in:

November - December 2021

(of course you can schedule your Video Shoot for a date and time to suit you including far into the future so if you don't want your video recorded until later in the summer, that's a-ok with us!)

Different Ways You Could Use Your Spotlight Video:


On Your Website Home Page


To Show People What You Do


On Your YouTube Channel


On An About Us Page


To Illustrate How Great You Are

Send Out

To Send Out To Prospects


On Your Facebook Page


On Instagram


To Help Build Trust

The possibilities are endless!

Order Your Own Spotlight Video Now

Order Your Own Small Business Spotlight Video:

Here's What's Included
(SPOILER ALERT: everything is!)

Your Small Business Spotlight Video Includes:

  • All of the pre-shoot planning and research
  • All of the equipment needed
    to record your video
  • The 'shoot-day' including your own personal 'roving reporter'
  • The full edit of your video by
    our in-house experts
  • Including background music,
    titles and graphics
  • An opening sting of your business logo
  • The lifetime rights to use the video for whatever you want
  • EVERYTHING you could ever want...

Spotlight Video

Order Your All-Inclusive Small Business
Spotlight Video for just £1,499 £699 +VAT

No extra or hidden costs. Affordable for all businesses.

Estimated Delivery: Based on Current Capacity Your Video Could Be Completed in November/December


How long will my video be?

Most Small Business Spotlight Videos are between 2-4 minutes long. It depends on your business, how much there is to showcase (and how chatty you are on the day!). We find that shorter videos perform better so don't worry about the length. It's quality over quantity!

Can I script parts of the video
if I want to?

If you're a little bit of a closeted-Spielberg and want to do part of our job for us, then by all means, script whatever parts of your video you want! ;) However, rest assured that the reporters who film your Small Business Spotlight Video are experts at crafting ultra compelling videos so you definitely don't need to script anything for your video. Let us do that for you!

Do I need to prepare anything
for my video shoot?

These videos work best when there is something to film (funny that!) so depending on your business, when we get in touch to schedule your shoot we'll let you know if there's anything specific you need to prepare. Most of the time there's nothing needed. We're easy.

Can I make changes to my video
if I don't like it?

Yes of course. There's no point having a video that you don't like! We can make changes to the edit of your video until you give us the final sign off - just be aware, changes take time - which is why we pride ourselves on our first-edit publish rate!

Do I need to be on camera
if I don't want to?

If your legs get all wobbly when you're in front of a camera we have a few options to make sure your Spotlight Video still works great (the first being we can have you sit down!). Our reporters are very good at making you feel comfortable, and you'll never be addressing the camera directly. Don't let being 'camera-shy' stop you from getting a video, but don't be surprised if you end up with a starring role by the end of it!

How do I schedule my filming day?

Our team will come to your business to record the footage needed for your video. This usually takes between 2-3 hours and will be scheduled after you've secured your 'slot' and ordered your video. We work on a first-come, first-served policy so if you have a specific date in mind it's important to book your video early.

How do the videos work if i don't have an office?

Spotlight Videos aren't actually about showing off your fancy offices to people (but hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!)

They're actually about helping potential customers better understand who you are, what you do and why they should become a customer - and THAT can be achieved anywhere.

If you work from home (or an environment that isn't as photogenic as others!) then your video would just focus more on you and your customers - what you can do for them and why they need it with shots of you 'doing your thing'.

That's a long way of saying - they work just fine no matter where you work!

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Tommy from Tamworth
Just ordered a Spotlight Video