Our goal with Spotlight Videos is to make them affordable for every small business.
That’s why we have one single flat price.

No extra charges. No hidden fees. It’s simple. Affordable.
And still a premium product you’ll be proud of.

All Inclusive Pricing
Your Spotlight Video INCLUDES:

  • All of the pre-shoot planning and research by our team
  • All of the equipment needed to record your video
  • The 'shoot-day' including your own personal 'roving reporter'
  • The full edit of your video by our in-house experts
  • Including background music, titles and graphics
  • An opening sting of your business logo
  • The lifetime rights to use the video for whatever you want
  • EVERYTHING you could ever want...

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Why So Affordable?

It’s true. Any other ‘video production company’ will charge you thousands for the same style and quality of a Spotlight Video. But we want to be affordable for all businesses.

Because we work with so many small businesses rather than a few bespoke projects throughout the year, we benefit from economies of scale and pass those savings on to you.

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Got Questions?

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